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 How to be a Admin to my site?

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How to be a Admin to my site? 2ni7in8100 / 100100 / 100How to be a Admin to my site? 2db8a3r

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How to be a Admin to my site? 1rc109999999999/9999999999How to be a Admin to my site? I_voting_bar  (9999999999/9999999999)
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How to be a Admin to my site? Empty
PostSubject: How to be a Admin to my site?   How to be a Admin to my site? 2u6zlltMon May 09, 2011 2:20 pm

Ever wounder what it takes to be a staff Admin here well to be one you must answer a few questions there are 10 questions you must answer.

1 How long have you ever or run a forum or website? ( Answer has to be in years or months of experience. )

2. How well can you keep to the rules?

3. Do you agree to not over take the current staff or mess up my site?

4. Do you know how to or ever done a html befor? ( Answer this in years if you have or any experience with html. )

5. Do you understand to follow copyright of my site?

6. Do you agree to up hold to other staff admins direction and orders?

7. Do you agree to get on at least everday or some of the time?

8. Do you aslo agree to our terms of use ?

9. Do you promise to not abuse the rank of Administration?

10. Finally do you agree to up hold your all of answers honestly?

Your answers depends if you will be one or a test admin .


Karnine Crowleon
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How to be a Admin to my site?
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