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 Admin Test 2

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PostSubject: Admin Test 2   Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:57 am

Ok this is the harder test here are 20 questions that will make you think more.

1.Do you consider all members as equals?

2.How well can you improve this site better and why? ( Answer must be a good reason why to )

3.Do you agree not the take images without permission of the founder?

4.Would reuse any images without the consent of the Founder?

5.How much experience do you have with bbcodeing or javascript?

6.How many Emotions can you do without looking by memory on this site?

7.Would you change or improve anything to this site?

8.Would you brag or bost about your administration?

9.Do you promise not to hack the staff or reset passwords?

10.Would you impersonate or use a staff account without there consent?

11.How many Chat commands do you know?

12.What the main thing that this site follows?

13.Would you lie to get by?

14.How much would you do if you given administration and why?

15.Do you know how to moderatorate topics such as lock or move etc?

16.What was Lucario funnyiest humor saying? ( take a gess this test your memory skills)

17.How much of the Admin Control Panel do you remember ? (Answer must be in % )

18.In your spear time when offline what you do dring the day?

19.How good are you at get new friends and members to join a site? (toughy here just put what you feel)

20.Finally would you consider yourself a good trusting user with the members and staff?

I hope the new test makes you think.

Also this helps with your 1st test in your application.

Karnine Crowleon
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Admin Test 2
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