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 Posting/ Copyrights Rules

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PostSubject: Posting/ Copyrights Rules   Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:39 am

We The Staff meaning the Admins
Me,Wulfberg,an Karnine

I have choosen to tell your people who are Members about Posting Topic and this forums Copy Rights Rules.

ok first off Posting Rules.
1.Never be rude or mean to others in a topic  when posting

2. Fourm Rules to dealing with Double posting and pic can be found in Fourm Rules topic by me

3.Never say the same thing over counts as spaming


Now for Copy Rights

All Copy Rights ®️ are by Karnine under offcial©️ by law each use is stircly forbbin for use only for other sites online.

User's may view the pic's Karnine places

Rpg elements are also by Karnine that he adds on for members only

You can't reuse the pic any ways by Block Right Click it will pop up a warning saying Lucario Skin ©️ 2010-2017
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Posting/ Copyrights Rules
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